Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The negotiations for the property is going reasonably well.

We have a meeting with the seller and the estate agent over the weekend to find a way to make this work. Apparently he freaked when he heard what it was going to cost him to get plans drawn and passed, BUT, that happens to be the business my Hubcap is in. So here is the deal..... we will offer him what he asking for the property, but we want the furnishings thrown in. Also, the sale is valid for as long as the lady at town planning thinks it is going to take to get the legalities sorted out. So if she estimates 3 months, the agreement will be valid for that long. So, looks like it may all be happening.

In the meantime I have started fixing up some old furniture that I want to sell. Running a guesthouse means a lot of work in the morning, a lot of work later in the afternoon and quiet in the middle. So I thought I would indulge my hobby of DOING THINGS to earn a bit of extra income. I will post some "after" pictures as soon as I am finished with the first stuff.
This is a table made from reclaimed wood. It has plenty layers of paint on it. I cannot decide whether to strip it completely to expose the Oregon pine, or leave some of the paint for a shabby chic effect.
I found a shopfitting company that was closing down and bought some stunning old stuff. I got 2 old tool boxes and these cute little trays that held nails of different sizes. Will see how they end up.

Renovating things is so satisfying.


  1. shabby chic!!! love the little wooden compartments!

  2. I Love shabby chic too. That is going to be my theme that runs right through.