Monday, 18 March 2013


One of the problems with growing your own fruit and vegetables is the feast or famine scenario. We harvested a beautiful bunch of bananas and in absolutely no time we had a whole lot of ripe bananas and a day later we had over ripe ones.

Thankfully banana bread is a universal favourite. I have been searching and searching for a good recipe and I think I have found the best. I amalgamated a couple of recipes and tweaked the mixing and this is what I came up with.

The Best Banana Bread Recipe....EVER!!!!!
For me, in any case.
I forgot to mention that this is for 2 loaves. If you want only one, halve the recipe.

8 small overripe bananas (450 g)
500 g white sugar
4 eggs
250 ml vegetable oil
160 ml milk
450 g flour
10 ml baking powder
10 ml bicarbonate of soda
5 ml salt

1.       Mash bananas and add sugar. Mix till most of the sugar is dissolved.
2.       Add eggs and mix well.
3.       Add milk and oil and mix well.
4.       Sieve dry ingredients together and add spoonfuls to the banana mixture, mixing well in between each addition.
5.       Bake in two loaf pans at 170C for one hour or until a skewer comes out clean.

All the guests we have had up till now has been people we have known before. If anybody had told me that it would take so long for me to be comfortable hosting perfect strangers I would have laughed at them. I now have two rooms that I am at ease with. It is the little things that take time to get sorted out.

Anyway, here is the Kudu Suite.
The artwork on the wall is a beautiful piece of beadwork that I had framed.
The kitchenette has everything you could need. Should our guests choose the self catering option, all they need to bring is their food.
The only thing I am still looking for is a bistro table and two chairs.

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