Friday, 3 August 2012


D-Day for the special consent came and went. It turns out that there was an administrative glitch and our special consent was not on the agenda. This means we have to wait another month. AAAaaaargh! I do not think we can survive another 31 days of tension like the last couple of weeks.

Another problem raised its ugly head...Our option to buy was dependent on special consent being granted within the two month period and if we wait for the next town council meeting, we miss that deadline completely.

The Fever Tree should be opening for business on the 1st October 2012.

Special consent or not, I am moving. We can sort the legalities out later. It is just a question of formalities. Hluhluwe depends on tourism so it is very unlikely we will be turned down.

 I am packing and sorting and packing at a pace that is sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow. Twenty six years worth of junk needs to be sifted through. Half done projects, craft materials, beads, half made clothes that no longer fit me, and memories from the kids' schooldays. It is rather exhausting on an emotional level. So many places and times revisited if only in thought. 

Here and there I find projects can be completed with just a little bit of effort. I am going to set myself a target of finishing at least one UFO (unfinished object) a week. 

So, for the first time, here is a picture of where we are moving to. The place is a bit grim. It was a holiday home for a wealthy family from Johannesburg but it never had the care and attention a home should have. So my first month is going to be spent cleaning, painting, decorating and getting the garden going, The veg garden is small and needs to be tripled as we want to offer our guests homegrown organic vegetables. The garden is going to be strictly indigenous, except for the fruit trees and veg. 

Lots and lots of hard work ahead.

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