Tuesday, 21 August 2012


No, not the kind that goes whoosh through the sky, the kind that lies in dark corners and make you feel guilty that you did not finished them, AKA unfinished objects.

So while packing my vast stash of craft materials and tools (and I really mean VAST), I came across an equally vast stash of things that need to be finished. I love re-purposing clothes so I have a couple of boxes marked "Clothes for Recycling".

I recycled some old denims and all the bags need are some clasps. I still have to figure that one out.
 I Battled for a while to figure out how to do the straps, but I got that one sorted.
My next challenge is going to be the clasps. I do not want a conventional button. Something a little more creative is in order.

Believe it or not, but this little bag is made from knitted computer cable.

Those old grey cables that used to connect printers to towers have the most beautiful coloured wire inside. A lining and a long matching strap and there you have a nifty little purse.

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