Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Urban Farm

Growing at the moment:
Leeks! The biggest leeks I have ever seen in my life!
My Four and a half year old granddaughter holding one up. Unlike the recipes that only use the white part, I use the whole thing. My Leek and Potato soup is a definite khaki colour.

My Bright Lights Swiss chard is magnificent. I think I am going to plant a couple more packets of seeds and plant them out in bare patches in the flower garden.The colours are amazing and they grow huge.
The bok choi is doing well but will start bolting soon. I am going to have to plant them sooner next year. I think it is already too warm for them here. I am going to try and shade them to see if that will not slow down the bolting.

I am trying the trick of planting potatoes in a wire basket and filling the basket with straw and leaves. I saw this in  "Cultivating Flavour" by Toni Walters. It seems to be going well so if it is a success I will do a step by step tutorial sometime in the future.
The small potato plant sticking its head out for the first time. Since it has appeared it seems to take off like a rocket.

I had a couple of red lettuce plants that bolted. I took the seed and planted them. It seems like they ALL came up. Besides that I have a row of lettuce plants that keep us going. 

The onion seedlings I planted are doing well and the brinjal (eggplant or aubergine) is covered in new shoots.

I have just added a HUGE new bed to the veggie patch. I am so looking forward to planting it full of gorgeous stuff to eat. Check back in a few days for that particular update.

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