Saturday, 31 August 2013

I throw petals at your feet.....

One year ago I packed up my life in Durban and moved here to Hluhluwe. In a way I was leaving home and coming home.

The leaving part was difficult in a lot of ways. The granddaughters had just moved to Durban with their parents and I knew I would miss them. I have lived in the same house for 26 years and knew so many people in the neighbourhood. My good friend Fiona , purveyor of countless cups of coffee, would be sorely missed. Shopping for the weird and wonderful things I need from time to time for crafts would be rather difficult. My kitty cats had to stay behind as I could not risk setting off a guest's allergic reactions. And off-course, The Hubcap had to stay behind.

The coming home part goes back a longer way. I was born in Stanger, now Kwa Dukuza, and moved to Mtubatuba at the age of three in the early sixties.We lived all over Zululand for most of my childhood. Going to St Lucia or the game reserves every weekend was glorious.

So now I have come full circle and am thoroughly enjoying living in Zululand again.

In the beginning it was full steam ahead to get the guesthouse up and running. Then it was hard work getting the news out there that we were ready for guests. Now we are sitting with the problem that we do not have enough rooms. We have had to turn a number of guests away and I hate doing that. Plus, we need more rooms to enable us to go beyond break-even.

So as from the end of September, we will have two extra rooms available, but at the same time I have to give credit where it is due. We would not have been able to get to this point without the help of a couple of people.....

To Ciska, I throw petals at your feet in thanks for the help you have given us. Not only did you find this property for us (, but you send us all your guests that you cannot accommodate at your own guesthouse (

To Hennie and Tanith, thanks for putting up with me and doing the alterations and building work so well.

Watch this space for pictures of the new additions.

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