Sunday, 4 August 2013

One year on.....

The beginning of September will be my 1 year anniversary of moving to Hluhluwe. Not only that, but also the beginning of SPRING!!!!!!

I am so excited and cannot wait to see how the garden is going to look in a months time. I have noticed that there are lots of green bits sprouting all over. So here is a wrap up of what is going on at the moment in the flower section.
A fresh coat of paint always works wonders. The whole property is in the process of getting a new coat of paint. Plascon's Waxen Tint and Stonewash is just what the doctor ordered.
Making the entrance welcoming is always a bit tricky, but lovely pots and gorgeous plants does the trick. Please note the brass plaque with our three stars!

My first nasturtium flower. The variety I have here is Alaska (?). We are making sure that the whole garden is either ingigenous, edible or plays a role in permaculture. Nasturtiums fullfill the 'edible' and 'permaculture' requirements.
 Some info on nasturtiums

Not many of the vygies survived to adulthood but the ones that did are absolutely amazing.
Barberton daisies (gerbera) are one of my favourite flowers. I got a couple of plants at a nursery in Kwambonambi  and they have rewarded me magnificently, not only with flowers but also self seeding. I started with about eight plants and now have about twenty.
I visited Twinstreams Indigenous Nursery last week and bought some stunning small trees for the garden. I am still figuring out where to plant what so will have to be patient until I am certain that each tree has a position where they will look their best.

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