Tuesday 5 June 2012

Dumpster Diving.

I am going to miss the folks at the Bellair Garden Dump something serious when I move to Hluhluwe. My latest haul includes 3 wooden tool boxes, a perfectly good pine chair, some window frames and light fittings.

The selection of windows is staggering. Some are going to end up as picture frames, chalkboards, mirrors and all sorts of funky stuff like that. The trellis cabinet doors are going to become bedside table tops. 

I got four of these wall mounted light fitting. Imagine what it will look like with flowers cascading out of them.

And my favourites. I have always had a thing for boxes. Some tool hire company threw all their wooden boxes out and replaced them with plastic crates.

I am not going to be able to do much about my treasures-in-the-making for the next couple of days as I am going on an extended roadtrip. Durban toOrpen Gate at Kruger National Park, then to Hluhluwe, where I will meet the Hubcap, and the all the way to Vilanculos. And all this is 90% work and 10% play.

Saturday 2 June 2012

What has a guest house and DIY projects got to do with each other?

Well, a guesthouse needs furniture, doesn't it? Lots of furniture as a matter of fact. And I have discovered that dumpster diving is a wonderful source of amazing furniture.
So far this week I got
1. A pine bedsite cabinet, louvre door, all painted black.
2. An old workbench, too big to get in any available vehicle so we dismantled it and discovered that the wood is GORGEOUS.
3. Old toolboxes x 3. I am so chuffed about these.
4. A wooden door, with glass missing. I am going to clean this up and it will become my menu board in the guesthouse.

We went up to Hluhluwe to fill in a wad of forms to get planning permission for the guesthouse. We also spent the rest of the day measuring up the place for the Hubcap to draw the plans. So things are moving along.

And to answer the question, why the tiny little dusty village of Hluhluwe?
It is the closest we could get to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. The Hubcap and I go up there as much as we can, so why NOT there?

Maybe a bit premature\, but I have started packing.