Sunday 23 August 2020

Let's do this again...

I am ready to try this blogging thing again after a long absence.. Life tends to run away with me and I get so involved in new projects and new ideas that the days fly past and soon another year (or two) has gone. I always thought that life would slow down as I got older. Wow, was I wrong!

An update is in order with the new beginnings.

Umsinsi Cottage is up and running and has proven to be an absolute winner. It is very popular with families, colleagues on a working trip and groups of friends wanting to chill.

Spring is just beginning and the first of the new shoots on the lawn are just starting.The wall around the property is complete and so is the new parking area.

The new reception area is complete with a lovely veranda and the garden is looking lovely. 

We had to build lots of retaining walls and install drains to cope with the water when we have our summer thunderstorms. It all seems to be working well so hopefully this will will cut down on the mud in the pool we had to deal with in the past.

The retaining walls are a wonderful way to showcase some of our indigenous flowers.

So there we have it. We are ready to welcome back out regulars and our new guests now that we are on Level 2 of the lockdown. Hopefully our international borders will reopen soon and we can welcome guests from all over the world again.