Monday 24 September 2012


I finally have an internet connection. So the next couple of days are going to have flurry of entries as I catch up with all the goings on at The Fever Tree.

The Hubcap came up for the weekend and left at 4 this afternoon to go back to work. As I was feeling a little blue I decided to take a quick drive to the park to see what I could see.

At 5:16 pm I saw a spoonbill feeding in a wallow that is full of water after the rain.

At 5:18 I came across huge herd of buffalo. There was another herd away on the hill.

At 5:19 I saw a group of 6 rhino right next to the road. They were so close we all had to wait for them to make room for us to pass.
This must be an extended family group. White rhino are very social animals, unlike the black rhoino. They are solitary.
At 5:28 I found a breeding herd of elephant. I was a bit wary as our adventure with elephants of a few weeks ago are still very fresh in my mind.
The colour is a bit washed out as it was starting to get dark.
On my way to the gate I saw a rhino with the cutest little one. That was at 5:50 pm.
So in less than an hour, I saw three of the Big 5. As usual, only the kitty cats were missing.

This is exactly why I moved here. Such a privilige to be able to see such an abundance of wildlife almost on my doorstep.