Monday 15 October 2012


The opening has been set for the first day of November. Not that I expect to be overwhelmed by bookings from day 1, it is just that we need something to aim at.

Up to now all our budget, time and efforts have gone into fixing things that were wrong and badly maintained. So now we have finally gotten to the good stuff. We are slowly but surely getting down to putting our own stamp on the place.

The Hubcap made a compost bin from pallets that I managed to scrounge. I did not want to get into the garden in a serious way without having somewhere to put all the clippings.
The bin in the foreground is for the grass clippings. It is not a good idea to put in too much grass clippings at one time so the bin serves as storage. Whenever leaves or foodscraps go in the bin, iy get covered with a layer of grass clippings.
I also managed to get started on some of my dumpster diving finds. As I am in need of a long narrow coffee table for the odd shaped lounge, we decided that one of the wooden toolboxes would be perfect.
This is how it started out. One day I am going to ask Plascon for sponsorship. I sing the praises of their paint stripper to everyone I know who might be vaguely interested. It is bio-degradable, water based, you can use it on water based as well as solvent based paint, it's non-toxic and just the best thing since sliced bread.
So this is as far as I have gotten with this one. The dilemma that we all face with this sort of thing is do we carry on cleaning and sanding or do we stop here. Once you put that sander to the wood you cannot go back. I will have to ponder that one for another day or two or maybe week or two. Nah, definitely not week or two, the deadline is too close. I will have to decide today.
The paint had covered up a couple of serious problems. The lid is made of a very inferior wood but the bottom part is gorgeous Oregon pine. So we are going to have to upholster the top and turn it into seating as well as a side table and I am going to have to get stuck into some of the other boxes to find my coffee table.
Back to work.