Monday 2 July 2012

And so we wait.....

So we spent two days dashing all over Hluhluwe to get the signatures we need for the special consent to run a guesthouse. If you want to meet the locals in a new town, this must surely count as the best introduction. Everybody was so kind and supportive, even though we are going to be competition for some of the people we met.

On our way home we chose to go through the park and this is where the fun and games REALLY started. We were on one of the little side roads on our way to a view-site when we stopped to look at some elephants that were grazing a little way off. Mesmerised, we did not notice the HUGE ones coming towards the car from the back .......

The view through the rear window

I was terrified. They were very calm and non-threatening, but they were HUGE! Our car is a rather large SUV and the ellies towered over us. The one female gave us a nudge to see if there was a reaction. When none was forthcoming, she calmly walked off.

My apologies for the bad quality photographs, but under the circumstances, this is as good as it is going to get!

We were trapped for about 30 minutes. The Hubcap kept on telling me to look at the babies but I sat with my eyes clenched shut. 

I can imagine that in the future, we will have more adventures like this. Maybe I will open my eyes and look next time.