Friday 15 February 2013

Its the little things that count.........

Living so close, both physically and emotionally, to a game park makes it easy to get caught up in the whole BIG 5 thing and we sometimes forget to look at the really small things that enrich our lives.

I was thrilled to find some small spiny mantises in the garden.
The proverbial butt shot as he was trying to get away from me. I say 'he' as male mantises are smaller than female mantises.
I have tried to find some links to give some scientific background but as I do not know the scientific name I could not do so.
This is the female I found about 15 cm away from the flower with the male. She is about twice the size of him.

I am particularly please to find mantises in the garden as they are carnivorous and eat other harmful insects. Unfortunately they are not big enough to tackle this fella.
This must surely be the stinkiest smelliest grasshopper ever.

I will keep my eyes open for more small treasures.